Published: 05/23/2019

Many people develop a phobia of dental offices for a litany of reasons. One bad experience or an overactive gag reflex can make dental visits unpleasant. Instead of avoiding these visits, you should ask our periodontist about sedation dentistry. There are different methods available at Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington to help you get the treatments you need.

Oral Sedation

You can receive oral medication that will keep you awake during the treatment, but you will be much more cooperative. Although you may be awake, you will remember nothing or very little. You may also need to be hooked up to equipment to monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. You may feel sleepy once the sedative wears off, but you can still drive yourself home.

IV Sedation

This is a more advanced form of sedation dentistry. You will receive the sedative intravenously. You will be completely unconscious during the procedure, so you will remember nothing at all. However, in the event our periodontist needs to wake you up for any reason, then that can be accomplished with ease. There is much greater control over how much sedation the patient actually receives compared with oral sedation.

Local Anesthetic

You may not need sedation prior to a treatment. Many people are still worried about how much discomfort they will be in during and after the procedure. Fortunately, our office provides local anesthetic. You will remain awake during the treatment, but the part of the mouth we will work on will be numbed. Our office uses lidocaine, which is the most common anesthetic in the dentistry industry.

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There is no need to be scared at our office. We provide a calming, compassionate environment for you to relax in. If you think you can benefit from sedation dentistry, then contact Dr. Steven N. Rice today to learn more about your options.

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