Published: 02/06/2020

Did you know there’s an alternative to traditional invasive surgery with the gum? Laser gum surgery revolutionizes the way chronic gum disorders such as periodontal disease are treated, and provides patients with a minimally invasive alternative to other common surgical forms in Rockville, MD

Laser-based surgeries such as the LANAP ® technique, like all surgical procedures, come with certain complications, but there are also many unexpected advantages that make them an attractive option for many patients. 

What Can LANAP® Do for You?

LANAP ® protocol is a form of laser gum surgery widely used in the treatment of periodontal illness. The protocol is conducted using an advanced laser known as the PerioLase MVP-7 laser. A highly effective laser was designed to scan for inflamed gum tissue accurately and to send out short laser bursts to extract the infected tissue from the mouth. Benefits of this treatment option include:

  • Conservation of Gum Tissue. Thanks to the accuracy of the PerioLase MVP-7 laser, you do not need to worry about healthy gum tissue being inadvertently removed during your laser gum surgery treatment. This means that you get to hang onto as much of your gum tissue as possible while your infected gum tissue is removed.
  • Minimal Discomfort. The LANAP® protocol provides a minimally-painful surgical experience. It also causes minimal bleeding and carries a low risk of complications.
  • Rapid Recovery Time. Treatment with the LANAP® protocol is minimally-invasive, which means that recovery time is quick when compared to some other types of procedures.
  • Fast Treatment Time. Dr. Rice is able to perform laser-based treatments very rapidly, which means that you won’t have to sit in the treatment chair longer than absolutely necessary. 

If you are suffering from moderate to severe gum disease, the LANAP® protocol may be the best treatment option for you.

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