Published: 02/21/2020


Your gums play an important role in keeping your mouth as healthy as possible. What happens, then, when you lose gum tissue and experience symptoms of receding gums in Rockville, MD like tooth sensitivity and increased risk of gum disease? Our periodontist, Dr. Steven Rice, of Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington, frequently recommends that patients with your condition learn more about exciting gum grafting options including AlloDerm®.

What Is Gum Grafting?
Before diving into the benefits of AlloDerm, you will likely want to know more about gum grafting in general. Gum grafting involves surgically adding healthy gum tissue to places in the mouth where gum tissue is minimal. Gum grafting is a safe way to boost the ability of the mouth to protect teeth and bone.

What Are the Advantages of AlloDerm?
Traditionally, patients who received gum grafts had a few ways to get the donor material. One was by having the periodontist take some gum from another part of the mouth, such as the palate. This type of gum graft requires two surgical sites and may cause added discomfort, not to mention healing time. AlloDerm provides a viable alternative to having a secondary surgical site. It is a matrix created from highly regulated donor tissue. It looks and functions exactly like natural gums, but gives you a better treatment experience overall.

Is AlloDerm Safe?
Dental providers like Dr. Rice appreciate being able to use AlloDerm as a solution for receding gums because of its safety level. Instead of simply meeting FDA guidelines for implantable tissues, it exceeds them by putting all AlloDerm material under even more rigorous testing before use. In the past decade, AlloDerm has successfully been used in around a half-million cases without any reports of disease transmission.

Does AlloDerm Become New Gum Tissue?
The AlloDerm matrix becomes new gum tissue over time by encouraging your body to produce healthier gums around the matrix itself. The end result is a natural-looking gum line, improved overall oral health and enhanced smile.

Find Out More About Receding Gums Treatment
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