Published: 09/18/2018

We know that we have to brush and floss daily to remove plaque from our teeth but do you know why? Bacteria live in the plaque that builds up on your tooth surfaces. As the bacteria grow, they infect your periodontal tissue, triggering inflammation. These two factors, infection and inflammation are the heart of the link between your health and gum disease in Rockville, MD. For National Gum Care Month, Dr. Steven N. Rice has provided some insight into bleeding gums can progress into chronic illness.

3 Ways Gum Disease Affects Your Body

  1. Gum disease results in chronic inflammation which has been found to be a key factor in systemic illness. Gum disease raises your likelihood of developing diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.
  2. Bacteria can also be breathed in, from your mouth to your lungs. Gum disease has been linked to greater occurrence of respiratory illnesses.
  3. Just as the bacteria infect the gum tissue, it can enter the bloodstream. From there, it can circulate throughout the body, infecting your vital organs.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Gum disease begins with swollen, bleeding gums. The bacteria irritate the periodontal tissue and then begin to damage the connective tissue. Soon, periodontal pockets widen and gums begin to recede as the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth surface. You may experience tooth sensitivity and bad breath, along with gum recession. If left untreated, tooth and bone loss will follow.

Unfortunately, changes to your overall health occur in the initial stages of gum disease. Studies show that patients with gingivitis can develop systemic illness, memory difficulties, and experience problems with pregnancy. Maintaining good gum health through proper home care and regular professional visits can not only preserve your smile, it can protect your overall health.

Concerned that you may have gum disease in Rockville, MD? Call Dr. Rice at the first sign of bleeding gums for early detection and treatment. Schedule your consultation today to learn about convenient laser gum therapy.

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