Published: 06/17/2020

Gums can recede for many reasons, and some of them are completely within your control: aggressive brushing, tobacco use, and poor dental hygiene to name a few. The effects of receding gums range from the unattractive to the uncomfortable to the truly unhealthy. You may develop sensitive teeth, an uneven gum line or gum disease, and even suffer from tooth loss or jawbone loss. There are two primary methods for treating receding gums in Rockville, MD, including the famed Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™) developed by Dr. John Chao and gum grafting.

With many decades in practice and board certification, periodontist Dr. Steven Rice is a proven expert in soft tissue treatments, including both PST and gum grafting. He wants you to know why he recommends the Pinhole Surgical Technique to reverse gum recession:

• Fewer Surgical Sites
With grafting, you have a portion of tissue taken from the roof of your mouth or teeth with excessive gum tissue and sutured to the receded gums. With PST you have gum tissue that’s adjacent to the area of recession pulled and reshaped to cover the exposed tooth roots.

• No Tissue Removal
As noted above, gum grafting requires the removal of some tissue, while PST only requires it to be repositioned.

• Fewer Visits Needed
Grafting limits the number of teeth you can have treated during one appointment, while PST allows you to have many more teeth treated during your visit.

• Quicker Recovery
With fewer surgical sites and no tissue removal, PST means a faster, smoother recovery.

• Immediate Results
Due to the presence of sutures after gum grafting, your gum esthetics aren’t immediately restored the way they are with PST.

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