Published: 09/13/2019

When most people think about their dental health, they immediately picture how cavity-free or clean their teeth are. However, the gums play a vital role in oral wellness. In fact, some habits can lead to the development of gingivitis, characterized by red gums, bad breath and bleeding gums. Periodontist Dr. Steven Rice of Rockville, MD regularly consults with patients about their daily routines that may have a negative effect on their gums.

Brushing Too Aggressively

Although brushing and flossing twice a day remains a great way to keep teeth and gums functioning well between dental visits, over-brushing and incorrect brushing can cause problems. The more aggressively a person uses a toothbrush, the more likely the gums will become irritated. Case in point, some cases of bleeding gums are not caused by gingivitis or advanced gum disease. Instead, the gums bleed because of aggressive brushing. In general, teeth should feel cleansed and healthy after brushing. The gums should not be irritated or swollen.

Flossing Incorrectly or Not at All

Plenty of people think that they are flossing often enough. Yet many may not be flossing at all. If they do floss, they might not run the dental floss as deeply into the gum areas as they should. Every periodontal patient in Rockville, MD should learn proper flossing techniques. Just asking the hygienist or periodontist for recommendations can make a world of difference.

Missing or Skipping Dental Appointments

It can be tempting for busy people to postpone their dental appointments indefinitely. The longer they go between evaluations and cleanings, the higher the risk of developing areas of decay. Twice yearly dental visits give a dental provider the chance to make sure nothing has changed in a patient’s mouth. They can also stop progressive gum disease during the early gingivitis stage.

Improving Healthy Dental Regimens

Individuals who want to get back on track with their at-home and in-office oral hygiene are welcome to contact Dr. Rice about concerns from gingivitis development to questions about dental implants. His office in Rockville, MD can be reached at (240) 747-7342.

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