Published: 12/17/2018

When you experience a throbbing toothache, you know it is time to see the dentist but when is the right time to see your periodontist? The signs of periodontal trouble are surprisingly easy to spot. It typically begins with bleeding gums which are, unfortunately, easy to ignore. Read on to learn what signs to look for before you schedule your visit to a periodontist in Rockville, MD.

Call Your Periodontist If You Experience These Symptoms

Red, swollen, or bleeding gums: It may seem like a little bleeding when brushing your teeth might be normal but it is not. This is the earliest sign of gum disease and should be treated before anything permanent can occur.

Bad breath: Chronic halitosis is the result of an underlying issue, like periodontal disease, dry mouth, or even diabetes. Your periodontist can help to diagnose and address the source.

Sensitive teeth: This typically occurs when gums recede and more of the tooth surface is exposed. Your periodontist provides treatments for the gum disease that caused it as well as corrective procedures to restore lost gum tissue.

Loose teeth: Whether due to periodontal disease, teeth grinding, or injury, a loose tooth should be examined by your periodontist immediately. Saving your natural teeth is your doctor’s top priority and requires fast, effective treatment.

Missing teeth: If you have lost a tooth to trauma, periodontal disease, or extraction, you should call your periodontist for a restoration. Losing a tooth can change the way you look, speak, and chew. It can hamper nutrition and digestion; cause a shifting of the adjacent teeth; change your bite; and result in osteoporosis in the jaw. Talking to your doctor about tooth restoration options is critical to your oral and overall health.

If you do not have a periodontist or you are looking for a new periodontist in Rockville, MD we invite you to contact our office to learn more about bleeding gums, gum disease, and tooth restoration. Dr. Steven N. Rice is an experienced, compassionate doctor who provides patients with the highest quality care. Schedule your consultation today.

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