Published: 12/06/2018

When you experience chronic bad breath, loose teeth and bleeding gums, you likely have gum disease. In this circumstance, you need immediate gum disease treatment or else you will experience far more severe health problems.

  1. Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Heart Disease

Several studies have pointed to a correlation between periodontal disease and heart health. Individuals with gum problems tend to have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular issues over time. Researchers believe the reason for this is that bacteria in the gums enter the bloodstream, which lead to the heart. Therefore, treating gum disease can potentially help lower a person’s risk of having a heart attack in the future.

  1. Bone Loss

Periodontal disease does more than damage the teeth. It also damages the underlying jawbone that holds your teeth in place. When the damage becomes significant enough, our periodontist may recommend bone surgery. This is where a specialist needs to harvest bone tissue in another part of the body and transfer it to the jaw. In the event tooth loss has already taken place, then you may also require dental implants or other restorations so that you can eat and speak normally.

  1. Complications With Diabetes

Diabetes and periodontal disease and directly linked. Diabetics face an increased risk of developing gum disease, and periodontal disease makes it difficult for the diabetic to maintain proper metabolic status. Treating gum disease can help diabetics get their blood sugar levels under control. Ultimately, it is vital for diabetics to communicate with their periodontists to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Limit Your Risks at Our Office

Dr. Steven N. Rice offers several treatments for gum disease, including the LANAPÒ Protocol and the Chao PinholeÒ Surgical Technique. Numerous patients in Rockville, MD have found relief with our help, so contact the Advanced Gum Surgery Institute of Washington to see if you need prompt treatment.

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