Published: 10/14/2019

The thought of dentures probably sounds daunting. Most people don’t want to admit to themselves they need false teeth. While it may seem strange to finally come to terms with, dentures can truly change your life. Your specific situation will determine what option is the best for you, and your dentist will guide you through that process and share their opinions. No matter the reason for dentures, you will gain your smile once more.

The options may seem endless, but you need to break down your goals of dentures before choosing your best option. Maybe removable dentures fit your lifestyle best. Or would you prefer them anchored in and secured? Are you looking for a few false teeth, something a bridge could fix, or a full set? This is where your dentist really can help you out. Your dentist will walk you through your choices in full, but here are some things to take note of before going in for your consultation.

In the situation of only needing to replace a few teeth, partial dentures or bridges may be your best bet. This is especially useful if you’re replacing prominent front teeth or teeth that are crucial for chewing. A bridge fits the roof of your mouth and secures in with a clasp. Partial dentures are practical and usually a comfortable option.

In other cases, however, a set of full dentures will be the best choice for you. This is particularly so in cases where accidents or tooth decay result in the removal or falling out of all of one’s teeth. If you choose to go with full dentures, your dentist will make you a temporary set that you will use to let your gums fully heal. Once your gums have adjusted, your dentist will create a more permanent set of dentures.

The best dentures are those that fit comfortably. If you find that your dentures fit wrong for one reason or another, go to your dentist for an adjustment. It is important that you wear properly fitting dentures, so you don’t deal with pain and potential sores. Learn more about the best dentures for you today! Schedule a consultation with your dentist and learn about all of your options.

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