Published: 03/14/2018

Teeth that are lost also affect the surrounding bone structure of the jaw. Without stimulation from a tooth root, the jaw bone will recede and shrink, causing aesthetic and functional complications. If too much bone is lost, it can be difficult or even impossible to replace the teeth with dental implants. We can control this bone loss, however, if we need to perform a tooth extraction in Rockville, MD, in preparation for the placement of a dental implant. A ridge or socket preservation is a minimally invasive way we can preserve the height of the jaw bone after a tooth has been removed.

What is socket preservation?

The main purpose of a socket preservation is to ensure the jaw bone does not recede and cause issues with the surrounding teeth. This procedure also ensures that dental implants will be a viable tooth replacement option in the future. We perform this procedure directly after a tooth extraction in Rockville, MD, so that no secondary treatment is necessary before receiving your dental implant. When a tooth is pulled, the leftover empty socket is filled with bone grafting material and covered with a collagen membrane. Once the gums are sutured together, healing and osseointegration (fusion) of the bone materials and tissue begins. This not only preserves the appearance of remaining teeth, but will make the future placement of dental implants much less complicated.

The benefits of socket preservation include:

  • Prevents the collapse of the jaw bone
  • Ensure surrounding teeth do not shift
  • Lay the foundation for dental implants
  • Preserves aesthetics of the smile

If you need a tooth extraction in Rockville, MD, consider visiting Dr. Steven Rice. He can perform a socket preservation procedure with your tooth removal to ensure the integrity of your jaw bone. Dr. Rice is also experienced in placing dental implants and can restore aesthetics and function to your smile by replacing your lost tooth with this long-term solution. Schedule an appointment today!

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