Published: 01/16/2020


For generations, people have replaced their missing teeth with dentures, but these removable solutions may be more dangerous or problematic than you think. In fact, plenty of periodontists like Rockville, MD’s Dr. Steven Rice of Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington encourage edentulous patients to consider the placement of dental implants or implant-supported dentures instead of traditional removable dentures.

The Unpleasant Realities of Removable Dentures
This is not to suggest that removable dentures are on their way out. No doubt many people will always use them. However, dentures carry with them some expected and surprising issues. The first is that they do not always look or function like regular teeth. In fact, some dentures look so unnatural that wearers experience lowered confidence when wearing them, which is the exact opposite of what any dental team wants for their patients!

Dentures can also become ill-fitting over time because of how the jawbone changes as it resorbs and shrinks. Dentures no longer feel comfortable. They may even chafe the gum and inner cheeks. Another huge concern that they routinely slip or even fall out.

A final, even less-discussed downside is their tendency to limit wearers’ diets. In other words, patients with dentures tend to eat less nutritious meals. Over time, this affects the way they feel and can even have a detrimental effect on their immune system and overall health and wellness.

Why Dental Implants Could Be a Better Choice Than Dentures

Dental implants and implant-supported dentures can replace missing teeth as effectively as traditional removable dentures and with fewer long-term worries. Because dental implants anchor to the bone, they both stimulate the bone and permanently stabilize a dental crown, bridge, or implant supported denture. Greater stability and natural bone stimulation provide the healthiest long-term solution for missing teeth!

Another benefit of dental implants over dentures is that, because they function like healthy natural teeth, they restore over 98 percent of dental function. Even crunchy apples are no match for well-placed dental implants. Additionally, dental implants tend to look more like natural teeth, making them an aesthetic improvement over traditional dentures.

Improve Your Life With Dental Implants
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