Published: 08/15/2018

For centuries, medical professionals have worked diligently to fit their patients with dentures. As most people have already heard, even George Washington had several pairs of ill-fitting dentures!

Fortunately, modern periodontist practices can offer patients a wide variety of dentures and high-tech denture appliances that would surprise our first American president. One of the most popular, aside from traditional dentures in Rockville, MD, is the All-On-4® protocol.

What Makes All-on-4® So Unique?

Unlike typical dentures from Rockville, MD, which must be removed every day for cleaning,  All-on-4 allows the dentures to stay in place 24/7. How does this work? Basically, it’s a result of four dental implants precisely and strategically placed into the jawbone by a trained, credentialed periodontist.

After surgery, the site is allowed to heal, after which a permanent denture prosthetic is attached to the dental implants. Not only is the appliance made specifically for the patient, but it has a more lifelike appearance than traditional removable dentures.

In some cases where patients can handle immediate loading, a temporary denture appliance is added immediately after All-on-4 placement surgery. This creates an instant smile.

How Is All-On-4 Better than Removable Dentures?

The All-on-4 system doesn’t just look great. It enables the mouth to ward off some of the problems associated with edentulism (the condition of missing all the teeth). For instance, the surgically placed dental implant posts stimulate the jawbone, reducing reabsorption process that causes the face and lips to look sunken in.

In addition, All-on-4 dental implants maintain the health of the natural gums. When patients take care of their new appliances as directed, they are less likely to develop gum disease or other conditions.

Could You Be a Candidate for All-On-4?

If you’re interested in talking with a periodontist about All-on-4, we welcome you to set up an appointment. Whether you have been living with or without traditional dentures in Rockville, MD, you owe it to yourself to explore all your options. (We think Washington would certainly approve.)

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