Published: 11/25/2019

Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants
If you are suffering from missing teeth you don’t have to settle for this interruption to your bright smile thanks to dental implants. Specifically, All-On-4 dental implants are being offered and can help to not only restore your missing teeth but provide you with a bone graft if you are suffering from low bone density as well. It’s important to maintain good oral health because your oral health is connected to your overall health. Review the information below to learn more about All-On-4 dental implants:

Reasons to Get All-On-4 Dental Implants
Thanks to new advancements in the dental implant industry patients who have bone loss or who have experienced bone density reduction are no longer unable to get dental implants. Long gone are the days where a patient’s only option was dentures. Also, while traditional dentures may be cheaper than dental implants the downside is that they feel unnatural and look unrealistic. Dentures are high maintenance whereas dental implants which are a permanent solution to missing teeth require little maintenance:

Reasons to now consider getting dental implants include:

  • Faster installation process
  • More affordable
  • Long-term tooth replacement
  • Less care and maintenance
  • Natural looking appearance
  • Instant smile transformation

The Convenience of the All-On-4 Dental Implants Process
The process of getting All-On-4 dental implants is very convenient because it does not require multiple dental visits. In fact, the installation of these dental implants can be completed in as easy as one office visit. If a patient is still debating on whether or not dental implants is right for them knowing that it is very convenient. To have their smile fully restored via dental implants in one office visit is hard to resist.

Schedule A Consultation
If you are interested in dental implants then the first step would be to set up a consultation with your local dentist. They will go over the All-On-4 dental implants process and the best treatment plan for you.

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