Published: 02/06/2020

If you are dealing with multiple missing teeth, or perhaps a whole arch, you are definitely not alone. Millions of Americans are dealing with missing teeth and the accompanying oral health issues that are accompanying such a condition. Thankfully such a dentist as Dr. Rice

 of Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington is highly experienced in* Location* regarding tooth replacement and All-on-4 ® dental implants.

What is All-on-4®?

All-on-4 ® dental implants use cutting-edge technology as well as high-end dental replacement options. This technology makes use of four implants on a single spine, allowing multiple teeth to be removed and fixed at once rather than individually. One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is that patients can look forward to full functionality in a single dental appointment and a perfect smile.

Dr. Rice leverages the structure of the jaw bone to strategically position the implants in the strongest places, ensuring a safe fit. After this procedure, the implants are attached to a sturdy tooth prosthesis intended to imitate the appearance and functionality of real teeth, ready for immediate use.

Why All-on-4® Over Individual Implants?

If you aren’t missing an entire arch, there is the option of having multiple teeth replaced with individual implants. While this option will work, there are certain advantages to using the All-on-4 ® method which can not be provided by individual implants. For example, if you have had bone loss along with teeth loss, individual dental implants may not function while All-on-4 ® would.

Here are a few more benefits to choosing All-on-4 over individual implants for multiple tooth replacements:

  • Bone grafts are usually not required
  • Shorter procedure time
  • Convenient, immediate use and esthetics
  • Surgery and prosthesis delivery are performed in the same day
  • More cost-effective
  • Faster healing process

For these reasons and more, it is in your best interest to choose All-on-4® dental implants over implants for individual teeth. If you are currently suffering with multiple missing teeth in Rockville, MD, please reach out to Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Rice about your options..

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