Published: 08/07/2019

Despite all of the success stories many people hear when talking with people just like them, dental implants may still feel too good to be true for many people missing teeth. They often feel that the current state of their teeth and gums is too poor to support dental implants. As such, many people with advanced gum disease quietly wonder if they’re still good candidates for dental implants.

Take a look at how gum disease and dental implants interact and get a better idea about how well replacement teeth might work for you.

This Is What They Were Born to Do

Periodontitis, advanced gum disease, isn’t just separated from gingivitis, early gum disease, by the scale of damage it does. The two conditions are also separated by the ability to be treated – gingivitis can be completely reversed in many cases, while periodontitis simply can’t be completely cured.

It’s possible for periodontitis to do so much damage that your gums and jawbone are no longer viable hosts for dental implants. But dental implants themselves are the answer to advanced gum disease and tooth loss. They were born to replace teeth lost to trauma or periodontitis.

The Damage Has Been Done: What Now?

Even if the damage done to your teeth and gums is severe, still, make sure you get a professional opinion for a dentist experienced in placing dental implants.

There are a number of procedures an experienced dentist can offer to restore your mouth and ensure your dental implants are a long-term success. One of the most common and most effective is a form of bone grafting known as ridge augmentation.

Using bone grafting from another area of the body, or from another source, bone is grafted onto the area of the jawbone that needs more mass in order to support dental implants. Once the graft heals, you’ll have a restored jawbone that very well could support your dental implants for the rest of your life.

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