Published: 04/15/2021

The short answer is YES! If you have a missing tooth because of a previous tooth extraction, regardless of the time elapsed, you can still receive a dental implant to complete your smile. A missing tooth can be a real challenge for one’s appearance but also their overall oral health. When it comes to dental implant eligibility, it is primarily a matter of bone density. If you are curious if you make a good candidate for a dental implant and replacing a missing tooth in Rockville, MD, Dr. Steven Rice can personalize a treatment plan for you.

A Potential Need for Orthodontics

Depending on how long you have waited to get an implant post-extraction, you might need some orthodontic work first. Since teeth will naturally move over time, a missing tooth can create a gap allowing other teeth to shift. As the gap closes, there is less space for the implant to be placed. Do not worry, braces or clear aligners can realign your smile and make room for your new implant.

The Possibility of Bone Grafting

Dental implants are placed in the jawbone, giving them their strength and natural tooth functionality. After an implant has healed, the bone will fuse to the implant creating a superior bond. If you lack available bone in the jaw, there is a greater chance that the implant could fail. Before the procedure, your doctor will complete a series of scans to examine the health and density of the surrounding bone. If your bone is not sturdy enough to support an implant, your doctor will complete bone grafting before implant surgery.

A Pre-Procedure Checklist

  • Receive a cleaning before any oral surgery.
  • Ask your doctor about dental implant options and materials.
  • Pick up medication and soft foods for your recovery in advance.
  • Organize a ride to and from the procedure.

Ready to Schedule a Visit?

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