Published: 07/15/2019

If you are missing teeth, you have a lot of tooth replacement options to choose from. You may be wondering which option best fits your needs and budget. Though solutions like partials, dentures, and dental bridges do replace teeth, they often come up short in the long-term. This is why most patients choose dental implants in Rockville, MD to replace their missing teeth. Dr. Steven Rice commonly recommends permanent dental implants to patients for the following five reasons:

  1. Natural Aesthetics. When properly placed and restored, dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. In fact, no one should be able to distinguish which tooth is artificial alongside your existing teeth. A full arch bridge is custom made from zirconium or porcelain materials to optimize tooth and smile aesthetics.
  2. Restoration Longevity. Implants are built to last, mimicking the natural function that tooth roots have and the healthy stimulation they give your jawbone. Securely placed right into the bone, dental implants remain stable and strong and can last the rest of your life with proper at-home and professional care.
  3. Dental Function. If you are missing teeth, you understand the difficulty in biting and properly chewing solid foods. This only increases the more teeth become loose or fall out. Dental implants return biting and chewing power comparable to that of natural and healthy teeth. Eat all the foods you love again!
  4. Health Benefits. Since dental implants allow for a stable and strong bite, better eating habits and a more well-rounded diet can be established once again. Properly eating a healthy diet improves digestion, improves oral health, and can provide a significant boost in systemic health as well.
  5. Quality of Life. Combined, the aesthetic, functional, and health benefits from dental implants help patients experience improved confidence and well-being. Most importantly, regaining a mouth full of strong, functional teeth and a beautiful smile improves your quality of life!

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