Published: 11/12/2020

Replacing your missing tooth or teeth with dental implants is one of the best things you can do for your smile. Dental implants are designed for permanency so your smile can function properly and look attractive for the rest of your life. To maintain your dental health in Rockville, MD, and keep your dental implants for longer, Dr. Steven Rice shares these four tips:

Brush and Floss Regularly

Brushing and flossing are two of the most important parts of maintaining great dental health. In fact, when this oral hygiene is neglected, it results in decay and infection that leads to tooth loss! Brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day to remove sticky plaque from the surface of your teeth and between them. This better ensures that bacteria do not infect the gum tissues and bone surrounding your dental implants and increase their risk of failure.

Avoid Chewy and Hard Food

Just like natural teeth, dental implants have a limit to the types of food you should be eating regularly. Biting and chewing tough, chewy, and hard foods increases the possibility of teeth and dental implants becoming loose, chipping, or breaking. Avoid these types of foods to help keep your smile healthy and strong for life.


Minimize Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking and alcohol consumption both have a direct and negative impact on the health of your mouth and your body. Smoking reduces blood supply and can make it especially dangerous during the healing phase of dental implant treatment. Alcohol can also delay healing after dental implant surgery. It’s best to avoid both for as long as possible to ensure your physical and dental health remain in good shape.


Visit the Dentist Twice a Year

Always be sure to maintain your dental appointments to ensure your smile is healthy and no problems are developing. A dentist or periodontist will be able to spot areas of concern before you will, so it’s important to have your dental health and dental implants evaluated routinely.

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