Published: 04/08/2019

Deciding whether to receive dental implants or dentures is a big decision for someone with multiple missing teeth. While it’s ultimately up to you and your periodontist to decide what treatment option is the best match for your short- and long-term dental health goals, here are a few reasons why implants may be a better treatment choice for some people than dentures.

  1. Protect Bone Health

Many people don’t realize the negative impact missing teeth have on jaw bone health. If you’re one of those people, you should be aware that the jaw bone reacts to lack of stimulation from tooth roots by degrading and losing mass over time. Since the posts of implants mimic tooth roots, they can actually prevent the bone from degrading. This is a benefit only dental implants can provide, since other tooth replacement options – including dentures – do not penetrate the jaw bone.

  1. Say Goodbye to Denture Adhesives

Securing your dentures in place with adhesives can be a hassle. It can also be embarrassing if the adhesive fails and your dentures fall (or fly!) out of your mouth. Fortunately, you can avoid the inconvenience and potential embarrassment caused by denture adhesives if you replace your missing teeth with dental implants. Once implanted and integrated into the jaw bones, implants become permanent fixtures in your mouth that can last as long as 20 years before needing replacement.

  1. Natural Appearance

There’s no doubt dentures have come a long way and look more natural now than they did years ago, but in most cases it’s still obvious when someone is wearing them. Implants, on the other hand, are very authentic in appearance.

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