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Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dental Bridge

Replacing multiple missing teeth is especially critical, because without enough teeth supporting the jaw bone, deterioration occurs and the facial structure can eventually collapse. Dr. Rice recommends replacing teeth with teeth implants in most cases, because they are long-lasting and serve all the supportive and cosmetic functions of real teeth.

Implants are now the preferred choice for replacing multiple teeth. Unlike bridges, they do not cause any damage to neighboring teeth. Bridges can lead to further tooth loss because they anchor onto neighboring teeth and cause strain. The bridge also does nothing to preserve the jaw bone and it continues to deteriorate without that stimulation.

  • Traditional Dentures
    • Messy and inconvenient glue, adhesives, or creams
    • Unsecured
    • Bulky
    • Removeable
    • Multiple visits and adjustments
    • Multiple relines due to inevitable bone loss
    • Poor aesthetics
  • Snap in Dentures
    • More Secure
    • Bulky
    • Removable
    • Covers the palate and affects taste
    • Multiple Temporaries
    • Multiple appointments
    • Snaps need to be replaced often
  • Traditional Implants
    • Most resemble natural teeth if placed by experienced clinician
    • 1 – 2 year process to complete top and bottom with 1 implant – 1 tooth ratio
    • Not cost effective

Find Out if You're a Candidate for All-on-4® or Teeth-in-a-Day®

There are many people that are told every day that they do not qualify for dental implants due to bone loss or other related conditions. Due to our experience and technology 90% of those people are still candidates for this procedure.

Are you Currently in Dentures?


Are you missing more than 4 teeth?


Are your teeth mobile?


Did the dentist indicate that you were a candidate for implants, All-on-4® or Teeth-in-a-Day®?


Do you have periodontal disease?


Have you had any recent consultation with a dentist?


Do you have uncontrolled Diabetes?


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