3 Serious Risks of Living With Gum Disease

Published: December 6, 2018

When you experience chronic bad breath, loose teeth and bleeding gums, you likely have gum disease. In this circumstance, you need immediate gum disease treatment or else you will experience far more severe health problems. Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Heart Disease Several studies have pointed to a correlation between periodontal disease and heart […]

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Is Laser Dentistry Better than Conventional Methods?

Published: November 12, 2018

Advancements in technology have vastly improved the quality of our lives, including the experience we have in the periodontist’s chair. The implementation of lasers in dental treatments has enhanced patient comfort, convenience, and overall results. Laser dentistry is now a commonly requested service, yet fewer than 10% of periodontists offer it, as it requires a […]

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4 Risks of Living With Missing Teeth

Published: November 8, 2018

People lose teeth every day. If you ever find yourself in this situation, then you need to seek out dental implants immediately. Dr. Steven N. Rice is an experienced periodontist who has helped numerous people in Rockville, Maryland find tooth replacements, which are often more successful if they are implanted sooner rather than later. It […]

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What Causes a Gummy Smile and Can it Be Corrected?

Published: October 17, 2018

A beautiful smile is ideally a balance of teeth and gum tissue. Some people have excessive gum tissue covering much of their tooth surface, referred to as a “gummy” smile. While patients with this condition may still have healthy gums, many feel unhappy with their appearance and ultimately choose to fix their gummy smile in […]

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3 Risks of Living With Gum Disease

Published: October 2, 2018

People can tell they have gum disease if they experience a constant sour taste in their mouths, bleeding gums and loose teeth. Any of these symptoms is a good enough reason to schedule a visit to our periodontist. Failing to get prompt gum disease treatment can result in additional health problems quickly. 1. Increased Vulnerability […]

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The Connection between Gum Disease and Systemic Health

Published: September 18, 2018

We know that we have to brush and floss daily to remove plaque from our teeth but do you know why? Bacteria live in the plaque that builds up on your tooth surfaces. As the bacteria grow, they infect your periodontal tissue, triggering inflammation. These two factors, infection and inflammation are the heart of the […]

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Fall Is Almost Here! Are Your Teeth Ready?

Published: September 7, 2018

Fall begins on September 22, 2018, and that means all things pumpkin are coming your way. Whether you love the thought of pumpkin spice everything or loathe it, there is no doubt that the fall season brings promises of many tasty treats on the horizon. So, are your teeth ready for all of the scrumptious […]

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The Benefits of All-On-4® Vs. Removable Dentures

Published: August 15, 2018

For centuries, medical professionals have worked diligently to fit their patients with dentures. As most people have already heard, even George Washington had several pairs of ill-fitting dentures! Fortunately, modern periodontist practices can offer patients a wide variety of dentures and high-tech denture appliances that would surprise our first American president. One of the most […]

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IV Sedation FAQ: Relax with Sedation Dentistry

Published: July 24, 2018

Not every periodontist in Rockville, MD offers IV sedation dentistry. Frequently used with larger procedures like dental implants, or to calm patients with dental fear, IV sedation is a useful service and one many patients prefer. At our state-of-the-art office, we use the latest equipment and ensure our doctors and team members have the training […]

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Dental Implants for Summer Photos

Published: July 9, 2018

If there is one thing that can keep you from smiling for any picture, it is missing teeth. At the Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington in Rockville, MD, Dr. Steven N. Rice and staff wants you to feel confident and ready to smile when friends and family are snapping those memorable photos over […]

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