Sedation Dentistry: How To Know If It’s Right For You

Published: November 9, 2020

Sedation dentistry has emerged thanks to advancements in the dental industry as one of the leading ways to help patients who suffer from dental anxiety overcome their fear and receive treatment. Also, there are a variety of sedation methods that have been developed in order to cater to patients with different needs. The different types […]

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The Major Health Benefits Of Laser Gum Surgery

Published: October 22, 2020

Laser Gum Surgery has major health benefits in Rockville, MD because it improves your oral health by removing bacteria within your mouth that can be detrimental to your oral health. Also, because of the fact that your oral health is connected to your overall health when you have laser gum surgery and improve your oral […]

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IV Sedation Provides Safe and Fear-Free Comfort

Published: October 15, 2020

There is no need to worry when you visit Advanced Laser Gum Surgery in Rockville, MD as we ensure your complete safety and comfort while under sedation.

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What is a Dental Implant and What is it Used for?

Published: October 10, 2020

Dental implants are artificial teeth replacements that are used in prosthetic dentistry to support full arch and partial teeth restorations. Dental implants, post procedure, resemble a tooth or group of teeth. Dental implants are very commonly used to replace missing teeth and can be used either for health reasons or cosmetic purposes.Dental Implant Surgery Dental […]

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How to Find the Right Dentist for Your Dental Implants

Published: September 22, 2020

If you have lost or had teeth removed due to decay, disease, or injury, there is one tooth replacement option in Rockville, MD that provides permanent benefits: dental implants. These artificial teeth are made from titanium and restored with life-like porcelain crowns, bridges, or full arches of teeth. Dental implants work just like natural tooth […]

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4 Ways To Boost Your Oral Health

Published: September 17, 2020

Did you know that your oral health can represent the state of your overall health? Everything from daily diet to lifestyle choices can significantly impact your oral and overall health. Dr. Steven N. Rice, a periodontist in Rockville, MD, denotes the importance of proper oral care and ways to boost it. Fight the onset of […]

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Sedation Dentistry: Why Is It Beneficial?

Published: September 14, 2020

Dental anxiety has no limitations and it can affect dental patients of all ages. However, thanks to major advancements in sedation dentistry, patients who suffer from dental anxiety have an option for relief. Even more so they will be able to experience receiving the dental care they need without the anxiety they don’t want. To […]

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The 7 Major Health Risks of Gum Disease

Published: August 23, 2020

Gum disease can have a major impact on a person’s oral health, and it can also have a lasting effect on their overall health if it is allowed to progress to more advanced stages. Also, thanks to advancements in laser dentistry laser gum surgery has emerged as one of the leading techniques to treat gum […]

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How LANAP® Can Restore Your Smile

Published: August 13, 2020

Are you struggling to live a comfortable and healthy life because you have gum disease? Unfortunately, this condition won’t go away on its own and will continue to progress until noticeable damage and health problems occur. The good news is that Dr. Steven Rice, our experienced periodontist, can treat your gum disease with LANAP® in […]

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Is There a Lot of Dental Implant Surgery Pain?

Published: August 9, 2020

There are quite a few different options when it comes to dental surgery in Rockville, MD these days, but becoming one of the most popular is dental implant surgery. Before you decide this is the surgery for you, it is important that you are aware of a few things, including the pain that you should […]

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