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Dr. Steven Rice, Your Periodontist in  Washington DC Welcomes You to the Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington!

Our office in Rockville offers dental implants, laser gum surgery, gum recession treatment, and a variety of other dental treatments provided by Dr. Steven Rice, a highly trained periodontist in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

It All Begins With a Smile

The difference between success and failure in both your personal and professional life can often be attributed to a pleasing appearance. Your smile plays a major role in how you perceive yourself as well as in the impressions you make on the people around you. A charming smile can open doors and knock down barriers that stand between you and a richer, fuller life.

Cutting-edge Gum Disease Treatment in Rockville, Maryland

A Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, Dr. Rice is also a top periodontist in the DC metropolitan area. Dr. Rice has built his reputation on providing patients with the highest standard of care available and utilizing the latest techniques and technology in the industry. Dr. Rice is proud to offer laser gum disease treatment in Rockville, a revolutionary new treatment option that eradicates periodontal disease without the stitches and sutures inherent in traditional surgery.

Innovations in Implant Dentistry

Since 1986, Dr. Rice has been at the forefront of innovations in implant dentistry. He was among the first surgeons in the Washington area to use 3-D imaging (CT scan) and computer software to accurately diagnose and place dental implants. Today, Dr. Rice continues to employ the most cutting-edge techniques in the dental implant tooth replacement procedures he performs at The Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington.

Treat Gum Recession Without Grafts

Dr. Rice has been trained on the Pinhole Surgical Technique procedure, which is a minimally-invasive, graft-less and suture-less gum recession treatment. With this method, the patient can avoid the discomfort of traditional gum recession treatment, and treat the entire mouth if necessary. Especially when using your own grafts, traditional gum grafting cannot treat your entire mouth. Read more about this innovative procedure here.

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Steven N. Rice, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

periodontist in Washington DC

Your Periodontist is a Diplomate,

 What It Means to be Board Certified

Dr. Rice is a periodontist located in Rockville MD, who has accomplished a significant achievement beyond the mandatory educational requirements of the specialty. Board Certification requires comprehensive oral and written examinations covering all phases of periodontal disease and its treatment, including relevant bio-medical subjects. It also requires the presentation of detailed reports on a broad range of actual treatments provided by the candidate. Dr. Rice was voted as a 2015 Top Dentist.
Periodontist in Rockville, MD

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